7 sports headphones


When running, the phone is too heavy, you want to go light, and you want to have a music companion, you can choose this headset MP3.

Model: Sony NW-WS413 4G


1. Available in four colors

2. Support 3 minutes fast charge, forget to charge can also remedy

3. The outside world is well insulated and concentrates on enjoying the exercise time.

4. Waterproof! waterproof! waterproof! Waterproof that can be worn in swimming


1. You need to import your own song to import the device and manually update the song library.

2. The song playback order cannot be set, but sorting can be done by renaming the song.

3. Because you can’t connect your phone, it’s not convenient to answer the phone sometimes.

Sony Smart B-trainer

Also want to listen to MP3 and want to call the Bluetooth partner, you can choose to start Smart B-trainer, the smart wearable music player, this model not only has MP3 function can enter the water and other basic functions, plus GPS, heart rate, altitude, compass, barometer… various detection sensors, you can also download the smart btrainer app from your mobile phone, and synchronize 11 data such as your steps and speed.

The most important thing for my little girl is that you can follow the preset training plan for voice guidance. If your heart is fast, you will be prompted to adjust the pace. You can also automatically match the music according to the pace so that every step of yours is on the drums!

Model: Sony Smart B-trainer


1. Available in 7 colors, as well as macaron’s pink color matching!

2. There is a dedicated APP to synchronize motion data

3. Bluetooth can be connected to the phone, the phone does not miss

4. Built-in 16G memory, you can enjoy music without a mobile phone

5. Waterproof! waterproof! waterproof! Waterproof that can be worn in swimming


1. Some data cannot be synchronized when underwater

2. Comfort is average. If you exercise for more than 90 minutes, you will feel a little tired.

3. Some users have a problem that the Bluetooth volume is relatively small.

Bose Soundsport Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets get rid of the shackles of the headphone cable, but some people say: Bluetooth headsets just listen to the sound, but Bose this headset has a good sense of volume and texture, and the vocal density is excellent, the pursuit of sound quality can consider this. Only one 14G earphone is light and comfortable.

Model: Bose Soundsport Free Bluetooth Headset


1. Shark fin earplugs, comfortable and stable, running will not fall

2. There is an additional charge of 10h for the charging box.

3. There is a missing search function


1. Ringtone, the call can only be heard from the right earphone

2. Wireless design is easy to lose

3. Some users have a problem that the Bluetooth volume is relatively small.

AirPods Apple Wireless Headset

Apple is really going to dig hollow thoughts on how to lick my wallet, Iphone8 is no longer equipped with headphones, why? Because of the AirPods!

The earphones with the cut line are implanted with the W1 chip. Two taps can activate the Siri to cut the volume of the song. Any music can be automatically paused, the left and right ears can be called, and the charging box can be used for 24H battery charging.

The most important thing is to lose one, but it can be single. It’s really good.

Model: AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Advantages: Apple brand is a bit up and down


Only white

2. Not waterproof, sweaty can give up

3. Without the body button, summoning Siri is really shameful in public!

4. The single-use time is about 4 hours. Run the marathon quickly, otherwise, the headset will be out of power!

Beats Powerbeats3

It is equipped with the same AirPods, and it can automatically pop up the interface on the Iphone when it is opened. The earphones rely on ear hooks to hang on the auricle to prevent falling, relying on earplugs for fixation, stability is somewhat better than BOSE’s shark fins, and the stethoscope effect is avoided from another angle.

However, this style is too focused on stability, which leads to the decline of the comfort of this type of earphone. It will hurt the ear for a long time, and it is very unfriendly to the friend wearing glasses. The earphone glasses frame will slide first, then the earphones will squeeze the glasses. By hanging, half of the potential users are cut directly. There are no other homes that have done a good job in waterproofing.

Model: Beats Powerbeats3


1. When you are close to the iPhone, the connection screen will pop up automatically.

2. Hanging ear design stability is better than shark fin

3. Support speeding, 1 hour of charging for 5 minutes


1. The comfort of the ear-hanging type is lowered, and the glasses of the small partner glasses are crowded.

2. It is said to be anti-sweat, but more sweat can give up, and the line control is easy to enter the water.

JBL Underarmour 1.5

Why can these two brands produce a joint headset? It is also attributed to the NBA star S.Curry, who is known as the “primary school student”. The spokespersons of these two brands are Curry. Many functions of this headset are also customized according to Curry’s daily training requirements. The technology, after wearing the ear canal, needs to be rotated a little angle, then it will become very firm, the card is very tight in the ear canal, no squatting, no looseness when running.

Model: JBL Underarmour 1.5


1. Tri-band is correct, the overall listening is better

2. Stable to wear

3. There is an app that can record the motion track


1. The part of the plug that is worn into the ear canal is a bit big. We don’t like big things all the time!

2. The notch design of the cavity ensures that the surrounding sound can be heard when the road runs, but it also affects the sound quality.

3. The wire control button is relatively thin and feels generally

Plantronics BackBeat FIT

The old-fashioned headset company, established in 1961, claims that the first sentence from the moon was sent back with Plantronics headphones. Many people recommend it online.

Model: BackBeat FIT


1. Using a special skin-like material, it is very comfortable to wear.

2. P2i’s proprietary waterproof technology

3. Support fast charge, charge for 15 minutes and listen for 1 hour


1. Over the ear design, not friendly to the people wearing glasses

2. The call hole is not designed reasonably, and the indoor call can only be barely

3. Open speaker design, so many songs will have a popping sound.

to sum up

Brand control can choose Apple AirPods, BOSE for sound quality cannot be wrong like to buy JBL Underarmour from Curry, I want people to see you with a cool headset to buy Sony, want to change the old and new You can choose BEATS, buy Plantronics at a reasonable price!

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