Overview of the world’s mainstream headphones brand

With the advancement of technology and the accelerated pace of life, audio-visual entertainment has gradually become an indispensable part of our lives. The earphone, as simple portable audio, is essential equipment for watching movies and listening to music. Whether on the bus or on the subway, young people with headphones can be seen everywhere. The huge market has spawned a variety of earphone brands, and among the many brands, what kind of headphones are good headphones?


AKG, one of the most well-known brands in the audio field, is also one of the top four headset manufacturers in the world. The three letters of AKG are representative of professionalism and sound quality. The best products in the professional audio field are professional headphones and microphones.

AKG has many classic headphones, such as the K240 series common in the studio and the famous K701 in the ACG circle. Just in 2013, K812pro replaced K701 as the new flagship of AKG. K812 inherits the AKG’s elegant style, and its quality has also improved to a very high level. The listening effect is very good.


Sony is a world leader in audiovisual, video games, communications products and information technology, and the pioneer of the world’s first portable digital products. In the field of headphones, Sony, as an audio-visual giant, has a rich product line, each of which has different performances to meet different purposes.

Sony released a number of new headsets this fall, including the high-pitched series such as the moving iron headset XBA-100 and the subwoofer XB series. Among them, the mid-high range headphones can provide rich and delicate texture, especially in concert works, can fully experience the crisp, rhythmic sound of the high-pitched part of the instrument, real and full of three-dimensional sense. The subwoofer series uses the built-in bass booster to increase the subwoofer sound of the headphones, making the user feel like live music, and the tight bass effect gives a sense of grandeur.


Tianlong was originally a Japanese company that produced Hi-Fi products and is now the world’s leading home theater brand. Although the headset is only a sideline, its superb quality has made it a great name in the audio and video field. As a company that has been in business for more than 100 years, its pursuit of quality is tireless. In order to better meet the quality of life of different consumers, Tianlong rate team concentrated on research and development of new earphone products, launched a new LifeStyle series headphones. And for the different groups of people, developed four typical new products, divided into Urban Raver, Music Maniac, Exercise Freak, and Globe Cruiser.

Different from the traditional earphones, Tianlong’s new LifeStyle products pay more attention to enhance the user’s experience. While improving the sound quality of the products, they also carry out drastic design innovations on the shape of the headphones.


Beyerdynamic is a world-renowned personal audio equipment brand founded in Germany in 1924. Its products include headphones, earphones, receivers, etc., among which headphones and microphones are best known. In 1937, Beyerdynamic took the lead in developing the world’s first pair of dynamic headphones DT48 and entered the field of high-fidelity headphones.

The Beyerdynamic headphones are sturdy and comfortable, with a sturdy sound, warmth and clear details. The flagship of the active service is T1. The T1 is the first dynamic earphone with a magnetic flux of more than 1 Tesla magnet. It has a highly restored sound color, and the sound field is regular and straightforward.

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